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Hot Patio dining spots for the perfect girl's night out What to Order at Henry's Majestic. Where to Brunch Right Now: Henry's Majestic Halloween Cocktails. The gay and lesbian community began to take notice. On weekends throughout the year, gay men travel to designated cities for the parties, the proceeds of which are donated to AIDS organizations.

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Flavors only found in Dallas, Fort Worth

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Outdoor dining at its finest. Surviving the Football-Free Doldrums in Dallas: The "upshot" of the meeting, Knight reported, was that American Airlines had agreed to "stop promoting any partisan political activity of any kind, which means not funding the Human Rights Campaign, the Gay and Lesbian Task Force, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, all these groups," Knight said. No Thanks Sign Up. Cocktail culture; bourbon basics to mezcal favorites in Dallas. All-access pass to the top stories, events and offers around town. The truth is, Robert Crandall met the groups face to face and politely told them to bugger off.

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The confusion surrounding the meeting aside, another curiosity about the religious right's campaign against American is its version of the chronology that led to last month's meeting in Fort Worth. How to vacation like a VIP in the newest housewives' city D-FW is getting the biggest share of Texas' out-of-state moves. Saint Patricks Day at Henry's Majestic. This One's For You, Blondie You have to be supportive of their groups," Kincaid says. Henry's Majestic Neon Sign Shines.

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