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7 signs a man is gay

It goes through a CRAZY screening process, so there's a very minimal chance of something unpleasant getting through. I've seen how irrationally discriminating white folks are against same white folks for this or that reason. I lived nextg door to a gay man. If you decide not to use it, well, I am sorry but you are taking your life in your own hands. Shame some get involved in Perverted lifestyle hate it for anyone. Some even enjoy self appointing Judges and pass sentence on others partners. A good example is the contentious issues raised when Black gays are involved in mixed relationships and that tension is reflected in the broader politics and culture of gay communities.

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So in reality, every person who's had unprotected sex is at risk.

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Black gay men face shocking bigotry

But if you view the publication of papers as an end in itself, then yes, the discrimination isn't a problem. They refuse to get tested; they don't wear condoms, and AIDS is just one of the diseases that they can transmit. If you decide not to use it, well, I am sorry but you are taking your life in your own hands. September 14, at Sure, people have the right to protect themselves and be selective.

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You're not in heaven, yet! And Black women need to say no to these guys when they don't want to take a HIV test first or wear condoms. It must happen from within the black community. John Buchanan For the wages of sin is death July 19, at View the discussion thread.

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