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Start your free trial. She can get away with just a lightweighr dress and sandals yet men gave to wear long pants, Belts, Socks and shoes - and sweat uncomfortably. They can wear pants or skirts. No then stop gender labelling men who wear these clothes. I am a lot less self conscious now and the sales associates in stores are very happy to assist me.

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Some people have assumed that I am gay.

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Grin and Bare It

Please update your billing information. Im very conservative, but if you want to wear a skirt just cause you like it, okay. If I ask for "masculine skirts or panties" they know what I am looking for. Men only started to confine themselves to trousers in the western world after the french revolution, Before that they wore skits for thousands of years. I have gone grocery shopping, Flown on a plane, Done my Christmas shopping, Gotten a haircut, And even gone to church.

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I prefer the unlimited stride, Ventilation, Freedom, And comfort. Can a man wear bras? You can't go out without somehow being classified or judge in one way or the other. Shorts aren't mush better as they tend to be tighter and are still uncomfortable. A skirt makes more sense for a male to wear than a female based on anatomy alone

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