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Oh boy, was I ever wrong. In a few short hours, we welcomed our daughter to the world. Nor is being a parent a right. I absolutely love my relationship with Matt and Trey and especially my daughter. As I signed them, I began to panic. Klein, who was also brought up by a lesbian couple, tackles the thorny issue of gays and surrogacy. I was so skeptical.

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Parenthood is not a right.

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Gay Couples Are Four Times More Likely to Adopt, So Of Course Congress Wants to Stop Them

Their revelations would have been deserving of attention even had not the tragedy of toddler Elsie, who was taken away by social services, given to a gay couple for adoption and murdered by one of her adoptive dad, Matthew Scully-Hicks, hit the headlines. I wanted my child to have more than what I had growing up. I was almost ready ish. What would the Maroon 5 frontman and "The Voice" judge do if he were president? I needed to give my child a better life than what I could give. Jephthah may have adopted her after kidnapping her from a village he raided. As our relationship with them began to grow, they felt like part of the family.

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Parents sacrifice their ambitions and desires for their sake of their children. I knew that I would see them again soon. We will tell you. She informed me that I would be having a baby that night. As the doctor checked me, she spoke those few words that I definitely did not want to hear just yet. Does that sound like a happy childhood? I decided that that is what I needed to do.

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