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This article is written like a personal reflection, personal essay, or argumentative essay that states a Wikipedia editor's personal feelings or presents an original argument about a topic. Cross-dressing Gender non-conformance Transvestism. Money Matt Cage The wrestler with many titles to his name from Ultimate Warrior Challenge and Dynasty Pro-wrestling came out of the closet revealing his sexuality with the help of his Facebook handle. Lucha libre is a performance that is open to multiple readings on axis of representation by two men. The next one on the list Despite the weird intro gimmick, his bisexuality never really amounted to much in terms of storylines or characterizations. He also famously put makeup onto his defeated rivals to humiliate and emasculate them, his queer calling card.

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However, they handled his bisexual persona in cheesy way.

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Grappling With Homophobia: A Short, Campy History of 9 Gay Pro-Wrestling Characters

What is it with gay wrestling characters and blond hair? Retrieved from " https: Rumors can be true too. Views Read Edit View history. After his passing, family and friends close to Roth revealed that he was gay.

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The fact that exoticos can physically challenge a man in the ring and physically challenge male masculinity is what makes the role of exoticos so crucial to the transformation of social norms. But up until the late s, exoticos claimed that the act was just an act and that it did not reflect any personal lifestyles. One of the earliest acknowledged exotico was Sterling Davis also known as Gardenia Davis ring name. He later joined TNA Wrestling where his sexuality was used for various storylines including harassing male wrestlers. Finally reunited after four years, the two embraced as celebratory confetti rained upon them. Daria Berenato New Jersey's Daria Berenato chose the th season of 'Tough Enough' to come clean with his sexual preference for women, as she is a lesbian.

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